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Tools - Quick Order

GM Moto Bearing Tool
Colours Available Blue,Purple,Red and Turquoise
Colour - Blue
Colour - Purple
Colour - Red
Colour - Turquoise
Moxi Axle Nut Driver The Vice Key Chain Black
The Original Vice Versa Universal Skate Tool was designed to quick tightening on the go!
PD Bearing Press/Puller
Makes installing or replacing your bearings easy!
PD Kingpin W/Nylon Lock Nut Reactor Black 122409
Powerdyne Reactor Kingpin each
Powerdyne Bearing Press 7mm Pin
Replacement pin, available in 7mm, for the Powerdyne bench-mount bearing press.
Powerdyne Bearing Tool
A metal bearing tool designed to make installing and removing bearings in nylon-hub or no-hub wheels easy!
Powerdyne Deluxe
The new Delux slim Wrench is the first of a few tools we have been developing.
Powerdyne NEW Y4 Skate Tool
NEW Y4 Powerdyne Skate Tool Ergonomic, no slip girp 1/2" sockit (axle nuts) 11/16" sockit (king pin) 9/16" sockit (king pin) 5mm T handle allen wrench (pinch toe stop housing bolt)
Powerdyne T Handle  Allen Wrench
5mm t-handle allen wrench with sturdy plastic handle. This tool makes tightening your toe stop a breeze. Buy one-your thunbs will thank you! Fits: PowerDyne Arius, Reactor Pro & Reactor, Revenge, Rival, and Dynapro. SureGrip Avenger & Invader DA45.
Powerdyne Y3 Skate Tool
A 3 in one tool to fit most skate repair needs.
Wicked X-Tool 310047
The perfect tool when you need to fix something in a hurry and dont want to carry around a tool box. Designed for use on boards and quad skates. The X tool is perfect for that quick and dirty repair job. Sockets to fit 13mm / 14mm / 15mm Special Feature: 13mm, 14mm, 15mm Tool
Wicked Y Tool 310042
Classic Y tool which is small and easy to handle. Perfect pocket size and includes all tools you need to fix your quad skates or boards. Includes sockets to fit 13mm / 14mm / 15mm and made of the best Chrome steel available for long lasting fun. Special Feature: Tool with 13mm, 14mm and 15mm nuts
Sure Grip Qube Bearing Press
Suregrip Qube bearing press/puller can be used to quickly press bearings into wheels and to pull them out of the wheels.
Riedell Skate Tool
Solid metal tool that fits most skate repairs.
Turbo Skate Y Tool
The Turbo Black Y Skate tool is perfect for fine tuning your board, replacing parts, or fixing any unwanted mishaps. The Black Y Skate tool has 5 different functions: 1 - Phillips Screwdriver 1 – 1/8 Allen Wrench 1 – 3/8 Socket 1 – ½ Socket 1 – 9/16 Socket Perfect for any skater, anywhere, anytime.
Colour - Red
Colour - Black
Colour - Blue
Snyder Wrench Set
3 Piece tool set for Snyder plates
Suregrip Bearing Press
Sure-Grip Small Bearing Press The Sure-Grip small bearing press is ideal for those who need to travel.
Suregrip Snyder Breakoff Tool
nyder bolt break-off tool is designed to remove the excess of the plate mounting bolts with minimal effort.