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Five on Five # Magazine 18
80 Winter Issue.
Five on Five #17 Magazine
• Athletic Trainers: A Good Addition to Your Team • Derby and Drinking • Common Gear Questions and Misconceptions • Derby Burnout • Junior Derby Training and Conditioning • How to Be A Good Guest League • Plus more, including Sk8 the State Multiple Sclerosis Fundraiser, Toe Stop Review, The Evolution of the WFTDA Tournaments, How Photographers Choose What They Publish
Five on Five #19 Magazine
• Derby Super Foods • Low Back Pain and Derby • Goal Setting • Traveling Light for Derby • Running a Functioning Organization • Deaf Skaters • Plus more, including Yoga for Derby Girls, Tips on Checking Your Gear, Team Vagine Regime, WFTDA’s New Division Playoff Structure
Five on Five 2010 Photo Annual
Best derby photos all in one photo annual 2010!
Five on Five Magazine #16
•Choosing a Charity That Works •Core Training •Derby Sport Training and Fitness •Integrating New Skaters while Keeping Vets Engaged •Strategic Communication in Coaching •How to be a Good Host League •Plus more, including a review on “Derby, Baby!”, information on WFTDA.tv, skate insert review, plates 101 and more
Five on Five Magazine #22
• WFTDA Championships Recap • Guide to Derby Gear • Secrets of an Overachieving Derby Girl • Do You Know Your Rights? • Shin Splints • Vagine Regime Documented • Plus more, including Junior Derby Gear, General Anxiety Disorder and Roller Derby, Life After Derby
Five on Five Magazine #23
*Note-Australia's VRDL & Riedells Team skater Ruby Ribcrusher on the front cover!!! Also included in this issue • Tips for Effective Team Leadership • Acupuncture and Derby • Transitioning to New Skates • Derby/Life Balance • Derby Makeup: How to Create a Killer Look • Surviving the Fresh Meat Program • Plus more, including advice on how to adapt to the new WFTDA rule set, derby over 40, helmet liner review, eight stretches before you skate
Five on Five Magazine #24
• Ankle Rehab • Plate Research • Roller Derby Fashion • Going Stopless • Sports Bra Review • Navigating RollerCon • Plus more, including generating the most accurate WFTDA rankings, getting involved in the community, tryouts: conquering nerves and getting ahead!
Five on Five Magazine #25
• plyometrics • kinesio tape • reducing injuries • wheel overview • quick and cheap gear upgrades • start-up leagues: first year setup • plus more, including Team Lobster, running of the bulls derby style, wave accounting software.
Five on Five Magazine #26
• 2014 WFTDA championships recap • foot pain management • opening jam strategies • newbies and muscle conditioning • muscle massage roller review • WFTDA and MRDA collaboration • plus more, including assists techniques, roller derby in school, bout braids, skating without a rink
Five on Five Magazine #27
• social media tips • agility ladders • knee gasket review • wheel review • training true beginners to skate • 2014 World Cup recap • plus more, including ten years of the WFTDA, skin care product review, coaching junior derby saved my skate, juking the hurdles: leaping into a successful derby career
Five on Five Magazine #28
• own your self-confidence • knee pad review • mouthguard review • states on skates • married on skates • media tips • plus more, including including a travel guide to the 2015 WFTDA playoffs, chronic illness and derby, coaching to mixed generations, UK Roller Derby Association
Five on Five Magazine #29
• creating a fundraising plan for your league • what competitive really means • tools overview • vitamin d: it’s not just for bones anymore • RollerCon 2015 recap • SkateSafe • plus more, including WFTDA annual meeting recap, an announcer’s view on the road to broadcasting champs, behind the scenes of Roller Beauty calendar
Five on Five Magazine #30
• bylaws: how to begin the process • shoulder injury and rehab • 2015 WFTDA championships recap • the three c’s of feedback • transitioning from skater to official • team structure • plus more, including selecting a merchandise vendor, heart rate monitor review, launching the junior flat track derby association, focus on fresh meat
Five on Five Magazine #32
• league rebranding • derby merch basics • dehydration and heat injury • blocking techniques • how necessary is game history for officials? • meet WFTDA’s new Executive Director • plus more, including managing risk for league events, plates 201, moving teams
Five on Five Magazine Issue #13
•Region Playoffs Preview •Derby Specific Training •Exercise Induced Bronchospasm (EIB) •RollerCon Recap •Dos and Don’ts of Stripes •45 Degree Kingpins •And more, including Derby in Europe, WFTDA Meeting Recap, Should Your League be 18 years+ or 21+?
Five on Five Magazine Issue #15
•World Cup recap •league website tips and tricks •lifting weights for roller derby •yoga for derby •line ups performance analysis •finding the right pads •balancing derby and life •Plus more, including an inside look at world cup, bridging the gap between vets and newbies, post bout depression, can flat and banked track derby be BFFs?
Five On Five Magazine Issue #20
Five On Five Magazine Issue #20: • How to Make a Small League Profitable • ACL Injuries and Prevention • Derby Nutrition • Statistic Changes with the 2013 Rules Set • How to Stand out in the Fresh Meat Pool • Research Survey Results: How Body Image is Affected by Participation • Plus more, including the Retirement Struggle, WFTDA Division 2 Playoffs, Introduction to Derby Law
Five On Five Magazine issue #21
• Free and Inexpensive Marketing Techniques • Yoga on Skates • Athlete Nutrition • Balance in Derby • Plates 201 • Derby Tattoos • Plus more, including 12 step program for parents to be better sports parents, what retired derby players want their former teammates to know, derby fitness
Five on Five Magazine Issue 12
•Transgender Policies •Returning After Pregnancy •Legal Safety Gear: Protecting Your League On and Off the Track •Pivot Line Strategies •Beta Testing a “No Minors” Ruleset •Rinxter Stats Program •Leather vs. Vinyl Boots •Plus More, Including Stretching, What’s in Store for Rollercon 2011, the Mental Recovery, Tips for Vegan Skaters
Five on Five Magazine Issue 14
•2011 WFTDA Championships Recap •Merch 101 •Concussions •Mental Training •Heel pain •Unsung Heroes: Referees •Should I Upgrade My Plates? •Endurance Practices •Plus more, including Battle of the Nordic Light recap, derby at 15, a handy dandy guide to wheels, WFTDA taking the big 5 to the next level