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Accessories - Quick Order

187 Sticker Pack 25pk
187 Killer Pads Logo Sticker
Size - 25 Pk
Bones Super Reds 8mm 16pk
Super REDStm are designed from the ground up to be the best bearing on the market at this price point.
Bones Super Reds Ceramic 16pk
Bones Super Reds are manufatured in China to our Bones Skate Rated specifications in a manufacturing facility dedicated to producing the highest quality skate bearings in China. They offer the greatest combination of performance, durability and low cost. Offer near Bones Swiss performance at a fraction of the cost. Best seller in the USA! Available in 8mm
Bones Swiss 16pk
Bones Swiss 608 16pk Available in 7mm & 8mm
Size - 7mm
Size - 8mm
Bones Swiss 6s 16pk
8mm Super Swiss have 6 balls instead of 7. Balls are 20% larger in diameter. Higher top speed rolls farther and faster. 8mm bearings This product priced for a set of sixteen.
Boss Abec 3 16pk-8mm
High quality bearings that satisfy skaters of all levels and styles. The Abec 3-rated bearings feature double stainless shields to resist dust and debris.
Boss Abec 9 16pk-8mm
High quality bearings that satisfy skaters of all levels and styles. The Abec9-rated bearings feature heat treated double stainless steel shields with removable C-Ring for easy maintenance.
Boss Alum Bearing Spacers 8pk
BSB Aluminium Bearing Spacers Provides Exact Bearing Alignment for greater free spin Adds Torsional Strength Increases Bearing Life
Boss Alum Micro Bearing Spacers 16pk
BSB Aluminium Micro Bearing Spacers 8 x 8mm, 8 x 6mm spacers For use with Micro Bearings & Micro Bearing Wheels Provides Exact Bearing Alignment for greater free spin Adds Torsional Strength Increases Bearing Life & Performance
Boss High Speed Oil
BSB Bearing Lube designed for quick application low break in time.
Cheezeballs Cheddars Bearings 16Pk
Balls: Chrome Style Cage Material: Full Bronze Cage Races: Chrome Steel with corrosion-resistant coating Cheezeball Cheddars are everything you want in a steel ball bearing at an affordable price.
Cheezeballs Gouda 7mm Ceramic Bearings 16Pk
Cheezeball Gouda 7mm Bearings 16Pk: Balls: Pressed Zirconium Fiber Ceramic Cage Material: Nylon Retainers Races: Chrome Steel with corrosion-resistant coating
Cheezeballs Swiss 7mm Ceramic Bearings 16Pk
Cheezeballs Swiss 7mm Bearings 16Pk: Balls: Silicon Nitride Ceramic Cage Material: Nylon Retainers Races: 440 Stainless Steel
Gohard Abec 7 Bearings each
Abec 7 Metal Sealed Bearings
Gohard Abec 9 Bearings each
Abec 9 Metal Sealed Bearings
Green Monster Abec 9 Speed Bearings: Quality chrome steel 8mm bearings packaged in sets of 16 bulk
Size - 16pk Packaged (Boxed)
Size - 16pk Abec 9 Bearings (bulk vials-not boxed)
Kryptonics Abec 3/16pk
Kryptonics Oil 3 Bearings *Components designed to withstand any type of skating *Delrin retainer for top speed.
Kryptonics One Tool
Three position ratchet handle makes changing your wheels quick & easy
Kryptonics Swiss 16pk
Glass reinforced polymide retainers Single shielded True Swiss materials Ultra high precision tolerances Very fast and very durable
Plastic Bearing Spacers each
Plastic Inline Bearing Spacers
Kwik Ceramic Bearings S/16
Ceramic ball bearings accelerate faster and roll farther than traditional steel ball bearings. The are more resistant to dirt and moisture and more durable. The striking gold finish is a Titanium Nitride coating, which provides corrosion resistance and strength. The best bearing available anywhere.
Kwik Lube
1/2 oz. bottles of light oil bearing lube to help keep your bearings rolling smoothly
Size - Each
Size - Box of 10
Kwik Zenith Bearings S/16
The bearings are pre-spun with a lightweight and durable Delrin retainer and packaged compactly in a metal tin. Sold in sets of 16.
Kizer Hardware - Axle Set Fluid 8pk
8 Axles, 16 Frame Spacers, & 8 Bearing Spacers. Compatible with Kizer Fluid, USD Aeon, Advanced, Level 2, & 3 Frames.
MyFit Powerarch 45 Velcro Strap pr
Powerslide MyFit Powerarch 45 Straps help lock the heel into the boot and work in conjunction with stock skate straps to improve control and support. They can also give confidence to new or transitioning skaters with weak ankles.
Size - S/M up to boot size 8
Size - L/XL boot size 9 and over
MyFit Powerdisc 45 One size
The strap will improve the control., power transfer and support of your skate boots. The MyFit Powerdisc will prevent you for heel movement, decreasing the possibility of blisters and hot spots.
Size - S/M up to boot size 8
Size - L/XL boot size 9 and over
Powerslide Kizer Level III UFS Frame 1pair
The newest version of Kizer's popular powerblading frame, the Kizer Level 3 Powerblade UFS Frames, Clear are designed to be the perfect all-around frame. The powerblading frames from Kizer are the brainchild of the Pro Team skaters Richie Eisler and Dustin Werbeski. This frame closes the gap between aggressive skating and powerblading, providing a frame that preforms on all surfaces while still allowing you to grind with complete confidence. With the Level 3 frames, Kizer took an Advance frame and combined it with the perfectly grooved HBlock design from the Level 2 frames, providing one of the most universally applicable skate frames to date. Fits up to 72mm wheels Length = 10.8" Max Inner and Outer Wheels is 72mm Comes with Two-Piece Axles, 8mm Bearing Spacers, Frame Spacers, and Mounting Bolts UFS Frame Mount Fits on All UFS Aggressive Street Skates
Colour - Clear Richie Eisler (800313)
Colour - Black (800309)
Colour - White (800310)
Powerslide MyFit Gel Toe Cover for Derby & FSK
Designed to help improve fit in boots that are a hair too long and provide cushion at the toe. Excellent for those who dread toe stop day at practice and the bruised toe nails that follow. Price is for a Pair One Size Fits Most
Powerslide Wicked ABEC 7 Bearings 8Pack
ABEC 7 Freespin bearings from POWERSLIDE with 7 balls made of chrome steel. The cage is made of thermoplastic material. The bearings are lubricated with a super low friction synthetic oil.
Powerslide Wicked ABEC 9 Bearings 12 Pack
WICKED Freespin ABEC 9 bearings are great bearings for Inline skates, Quad skates, and other applications.
Powerslide Wicked Twincam ABEC 9 Bearings 16 Pack
Wicked Twincam ILQ9 Pro bearings are made using high quality ingredients
Qube 8-Ball Bearings-8mm
Oil-16pk-8mm This bearing contains 8 balls instead of the traditional 7 which has many advantages. Load is spread out evenly, greater load capabilities while turning. Gives the ability to skate into turns harder with speed.
Size - 7mm 16pk
Size - 8mm 16pk
Qube Ceramic 16pk Bearings
QUBE Ceramic bearings uses the finest ceramic ball technology with eight balls instead of seven. Available in 7mm or 8mm and sold in a pack of 16 Qube bearings.
Size - 7mm 16pk
Size - 8mm 16pk
Qube Gold Swiss 16pk Bearings
Features Qube 3D technology in a Swiss bearing. Manufacturers: Qube , Sure Grip
Size - 7mm 16pk
Size - 8mm 16pk
Qube Juice Bearings
Oil-16pk-7mm, 16pk-8mm SG Qube Juice Bearings. This bearing uses QUBE (pronounced "cube") 3D technology along with SSL oil and a single Labyrinth seal for perfect balance in roller skating. The Qube Juice is a fast rolling bearing for a great price.
Size - 7mm
Size - 8mm
Qube Lube
Qube bearing lube was designed specifically for the Qube bearing line from Sure-Grip. It works great for any roller skate bearings and you can trust that it's the best possible bearing lube made since it's backed by Sure-Grip.
Qube Teal Bearing 16pk
NEW Oil-16pk The Qube Teal bearing is a special bearing, a solid ABEC 5 rated bearing. This ABEC 5 bearing that will do just about anything you can throw at it, a perfect outdoor or rink bearing! Available in both 7mm & 8mm
Size - Teal Abec-5 7mm 16pk
Size - Teal Abec-5 8mm 16pk
SEN Caddy Belt
Colour - Black
Colour - Brown
Colour - Grey
Colour - blue
Senate Bi-Fold Block Money Wallet
Brown or Black Available in Colour:
Colour - Black/Yellow
Colour - Brown/Black
Senate Bi-Fold Wallet
Colour - BLU/Blu/Blk/Wht
Colour - Blk/Blk/Blk/Red
Colour - Gry/Gry/Blk/Red
Colour - White/Black/Grey
Senate China Belt
Colours Available Blue, Red, Yellow, Black
Colour - Navy
Colour - Black
Colour - Red
Colour - White
Colour - Yellow
Senate C'Ring Belt Navy
Only Navy Available
Senate Delivery Key Chain
White/Black Red in Colour
Senate Digital Bi-Fold Wallet
Available Colours Red,Grey and Black
Colour - Yellow/Black
Colour - Gry/Blk/Red
Colour - Red/Black
Senate Digital Tri-Fold Wallet
Colours Black or Grey
Colour - Black
Colour - Grey
Senate Dog Tag Opener
Comes in plain silver or Red/Silver
Colour - Silver/Silver
Colour - Silver/Red
Senate Drip Belt
Colour - Black
Colour - Blue
Senate Grind Plates
Senate Jackard Tri-Fold Wallet
Colours Grey and Fawn
Colour - Grey
Colour - Tan
Senate Kill Team Frame System Frame Only
Available In Small Only
Size - Small
Senate Kill Team Systems Complete
Size - Small
Senate Lanyard/Keychains-Thick
Colour - Navy
Colour - Black
Colour - Grey
Senate Lanyards/Keychains-Thin
Colour - Navy
Colour - Grey
Senate Money Belt
Colour - Red
Colour - Grey
Senate Nuts & Bolt
8 Heavy Duty Axle Bolts & Nuts
Senate Old Money Tri-Fold Wallet
Colour - Gry/Blk/Red
Colour - Gry/Blk/Wht
Senate Rubber Wrist Bands Bones
Availablr Colours Green, Yellow or Black
Colour - Grey/Red
Colour - Grey/Black
Senate Rubber Wrist Bands New School
Availablr Colours Grey/Red and Grey/Black
Colour - Grey/Red
Colour - Grey/Black
Senate Rubber Wrist Hardcore  Bands
Available Colour Grey Only
Colour - Charcoal
Colour - Blue
Colour - Grey Spike
Senate Sinister Boot Liners
The Sinister Liner provides the most comfort, support, protection and controll compared to any other liner.
Size - US Mens 8
Size - US Mens 9
Size - US Mens 10
Size - US Mens 11
Size - US Mens 12
Size - US Mens 13
Senate Skulls & Bones Wrist Bands
Available Colours Yellow,Black and Green
Colour - Red
Colour - Grey
Colour - Black
Colour - Yellow
Colour - Green
Senate Skulls Wrist Band
Colours Available Greyand Black
Colour - Grey
Colour - Black
Senate Spacers
Senate Sticker Pack 25
Assorted Senate Stickers in a pack of 25 Retail price is per sticker
Senate-Sinner Keychain
Suregrip Abec 5 Bearings each
Abec 5 Rubber Sealed Bearings. Sold as singles.
Suregrip Grind Blocks
Designed and produced in house. Offering you the best quality product at an affordable price. Specially designed to work with both the Avenger and the Avanti plates sizes 4-9. Made from a material called UHMW, this special material is superior in every way and was chosen for this specific grind bar for its unique properties that make it ideal for grinding or sliding in the skate park. No product on the market even comes close. Sizing: *Small grind block will fit SZ 4 and 5 plates *Medium grind blocks will fit SZ 6 and 7 plates *Large will fit SZ 8 and 9 plates
Size - Small (Plate size 4-5)
Size - Medium (Plate Size 6-7)
Size - Large (Plate Size 8-9)
Triple 8 Fidge Spinner
You can’t always skate or ride. Sometimes you’re stuck killing time. Use our fidget spinner to channel the energy. Spin it!
Colour - Black
Colour - White