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Graf Standard Innersole Footbeds
Special figure skate shoe insole for shock absorbing insoles for figure skating shoes skate shoes, hockey shoes
Size - UK3
Size - UK3.5
Size - UK4
Size - UK4.5
Size - UK 5
Size - UK6
Size - UK7
Size - UK7.5
Size - UK8
Size - UK9
Size - UK9.5
Size - UK10
Size - UK10.5
Size - UK11
Size - UK11.5
Size - UK12
Size - UK13
Powerslide MyFit Gel Toe Cover for Derby & FSK
Designed to help improve fit in boots that are a hair too long and provide cushion at the toe. Excellent for those who dread toe stop day at practice and the bruised toe nails that follow. Price is for a Pair One Size Fits Most
Wicked X-Tool 310047
The perfect tool when you need to fix something in a hurry and dont want to carry around a tool box. Designed for use on boards and quad skates. The X tool is perfect for that quick and dirty repair job. Sockets to fit 13mm / 14mm / 15mm Special Feature: 13mm, 14mm, 15mm Tool
Suregrip Dance Plugs
Similar to the Dance Plugs but made of plastic. sold in pairs
Colour - Blue
Colour - Neon Green
Colour - Neon Yellow
Colour - Pink
Colour - Purple
Colour - Red
Colour - White
Suregrip SuperX Dance Plugs (metal thread)
Super X dance plugs fit all plates that use the adjustable toe-stop. Sold as pair.
Colour - Blue
Colour - Black
Colour - Red
Colour - White